Getting Things Done in the Guest Bedroom

The last time we talked about the guest bedroom it was pretty much a bunch of unexecuted ideas. Here it is in the current state. Sorry for the poor lighting, it is yucky and overcast today (of course the sun comes pouring out behind the clouds as soon as I type this).

I am still struggling with how to make the bed. I mean, make the bed and make it look, well, fancy! Might have to swing by Bed Bath and Beyond and get some tips. I am also thinking of switching out the bed skirt for something non-white. I am thinking something goldenrod, maybe? How hard would that be to find? Also, should I put a throw blanket at the end of the bed? Decisions, decisions.

In the near future, I hope to get a large vertical leaning mirror for that spot next to the closet doors and also decide on how I want to paint the headboard. I am painting a headboard directly onto the wall. Crazy, right? I saw the idea on Pinterest and if it doesn’t turn out so well, I can just paint over it and do something else. I made a Guest Bedroom Pinterest board if you want to see what I am thinking about.

I’m off to the Pacific NW next week for work so posts will be minimal/nonexistant until my return!


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