Gauss’ Favorite Things

For the fellow dog owners out there, I thought I’d share some our pup’s favorite things.

Food & Treats

Taste of the Wild dry dog food — this food receives a top rating on and I can usually find it on Amazon for about $50 per 30 lb. bag. Right now we are going through about 1 bag a month for the growing pup!

This Airtight Food Storage Container holds all of that food. We have a fairly small pantry, so it is nice that it easily rolls in and out for easy dispensing.

With Gauss going through obedience training, we’ve been giving him a lot of treats to reinforce commands. Zuke’s Mini Naturals are the perfect size and not filled with garbage. I think we have tried all of the flavors except Peanut Butter.

He also loves the Blue Buffalo dog treats, but they are pretty expensive.

Collars and Stuff

We bring along this Port-a-Bowl to a small dog park near our house that doesn’t have a water fountain.

Target has a great line of cute dog collars for very cheap (think $7 instead of the $20 ugly ones at PetSmart). We get lots of comments on Gauss’ argyle collar at the dog park.

I also got this one from Etsy…I might have a argyle/plaid problem…


Stuffing-free chew toys…these are a must. We went through quite a few stuffing-filled dog toys that would only last a few days before we learned.

Which of course also includes Kongs. Gauss gets one filled with peanut butter almost every weekday when David and I leave for work.

He is also obsessed with tennis balls. We originally got some that had squeakers in them unknowingly, and cut them out. He goes super crazy when we stick some treats in the tennis ball, and it is a lot quieter than this toy which rattles like crazy.

So, other dog people, are there other dog things I am missing out on that are must haves? Please share in the comments!


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