Guest Bedroom Plan

After really struggling to find bedding that I liked for the guest bedroom I started from scratch and started pulling inspiration and colors from a fabric.

Gray, purple, and white will be the main colors in the room. Here’s what else I’m planning.

A plain white duvet. Don’t worry I will be adding lots of color in other places on the bed.

The pillows, duh! The fabric is Suzani.

Accent pillows in gray…

A throw blanket folded across the end of the bed…

Some more purple in the window panels…

Bring out some of the gold in the pillows in this mirror…

What else? I struggle big time with accessories so if need be I can add more color back in via sheets, bed skirt. I like the idea of pulling out the gold/yellow in the pillow but don’t want it to start looking all Mardi Gras up in there. Wall art? Am I ready to commit to this color palette and start buying this stuff? I am a little gun shy at the moment, but I think hitting “Buy” on those gorgeous, stunning pillows and getting them in my hands will be motivation enough!


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