Happy Birthday to Me!

One year closer to 30…eesh! My birthday is today, but the husband and I celebrated with a night out on Saturday to Red Sky Tapas & Bar for the food, and dueling pianos. Getting ready…

I might have to make it an annual tradition to take a self portrait (here’s last year’s). I promise my hair isn’t that reddish. I’ll blame it on the bad bathroom lighting, again.

So anyway, this tapas/dueling piano place was…..interesting. It wasn’t too far from our place in the ‘burbs, and well, the crowd was a bit older. Like, cougars. It was entertaining to people watch at least. The food was ok, the drinks were good, and the dueling pianos were…very cliché. They could not have played more Elton John and Billy Joel if you had asked them to. It wasn’t until the very end of the night that they FINALLY played some Ben Folds after they ran out of suggestions and were desperate.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, one of those cougars decided to strike up a conversation with me in the restroom and ask me how old I am. After I told her, it looked like her eyes were going to bulge out of her head and then decided to tell me that her 15 year old daughter dresses like I do (let the record show that I was also wearing Michael Kors skinny jeans and boots). Um, thanks? If I had one more drink in me and if she weren’t on her way out the door I would have asked for HER age and given her a dirty look. It’s fair to say that I get a little defensive about how people always perceive me to be so young. I kid you not, one of our neighbors did not think I was my husband’s wife — husband said, oh you must have seen my wife walking our dog, right? he said, no I don’t think so, I saw a younger girl. WTF people. I know I should enjoy looking younger than my age, but people also need to realize that sometimes it is rude to ask or discuss someone’s age. /end of rant

Now I will leave you with Mr. Folds himself, singing one of my favorites, “Philosophy”. Don’t forget to watch it through all the way to the end, it’s the best part.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I too suffer from look-younger-and-don’t-love-it.

    People can be so petty and rude (even if unintentional) when they think you aren’t a “real” adult!

  2. I’m right there with you. People ask me how old I am at work all the time or they mistake me for a student. The best is when they realize that I’m married and do a double take at the ring. I wonder how often the term “shotgun wedding” enters their head? 😉 People- what is up with them?

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