Frames and Art for Cheap

I have spent a lot of time searching for ideas and inspiration on how I can add some art to our house at a low cost. Professional framing and nice art can add up fast if you have a lot of wall area to cover. Here’s some of the ideas I’ve found and others I’ve come across but have yet to try.

1. Cheap frames. Cheap frames can be easy to find if you look in the right places. Hobby Lobby seems like they have frames 50% off every other week. I got a large 24×36 frame for only $20.

IKEA frames are also relatively cheap (their RIBBA series is a very similar to Pottery Barn’s gallery frames).

Michael’s has also recently added a new line of frames very similar to the RIBBA or PB frames for decent prices, especially if you always have a handful of their 40% off coupons with you (which are available from their website to print off or they will scan them directly from your smartphone in the store).

Also check out your nearest GoodWill or Salvation Army for cheap frames that you can throw a layer of spray paint on.

2. Cheap Art (prints). What’s better than cheap? Free! The New York Public Library hosts a giant collection of digital images. There are some gorgeous botanicals, if you don’t mind digging through 200+ pages of images.

If you’re not overly self critical like me, you could also frame some of your own photos. I would love to frame my blog header, but trying to figure out the perfect place to put it.

3. Cheap Art (DIY). There are a ton of great DIY ideas floating around Pinterest. Here are some of the ones I’ve come across that might be worth trying.


(Annabella Design Studio)

(it’s great to be home)

4. Cheap Art (Calendars). January and February are great times to pick up clearance calendars and frame the photos. You get a nice little collection of matching art for very cheap. Just don’t pick up a baby kitten calendar. 😛

Here’s a very nice example (botanicals again, I guess they are popular) from a fellow blogger with a gorgeous home.


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