Fence Plans

Ever since we moved in and knew we were getting a dog, we’ve wanted to put a fence up in the backyard. Our backyard is not large by any stretch of the imagination (it is not very deep, but long), and is going to take some work to make it into a usable space but first and foremost we would like a fence to be able to let the dog out without wrestling with the leash every time.

Like most neighborhoods around here, we have an HOA. The HOA had to approve our fence plan before we could start the fence installation process. Having way too much time on my hands over the holidays, I drew this up in Adobe Illustrator:

Luckily the plan was approved with very minor changes. We do have a few obstacles to work around (drains right at/near our “property line” and a few trees), but luckily a large section is already fenced.

Our HOA requires us to use only metal or aluminum gates, so there’s are the styles we are looking at (the existing wood gate is part of a different neighborhood our neighborhood backs up to).

Unfortunately these types of fence don’t offer a whole lot of privacy, but maybe I can get a nice vine to grow along it.

Considering I only typically water the plants around the house when they are on the verge of death, this probably won’t happen. But I can dream, right?

In the mean time we’ll be letting the little guy run around at the dog park.


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