Gauss Update, 5 and a half months

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our pup, so time for an udpate!

Age: 5 and a half months

Weight: 43 pounds (all muscle, he is a very strong dog)

He is as hyper as ever. Last weekend he was a little too hyper and I think he hyperextended a joint or pulled a muscle and moped around all day yelping randomly. We couldn’t figure out exactly where he was hurting so we took him to the e-vet just in case. $165 later (ouch) they sent us home without an answer and some anti-inflammatory “juice”. He is back to his normal self after a day of rest, thankfully. He must have had a little too much fun romping around and jumping up on our very high bed for the first time (ut oh).

Gauss starts his beginner training class at PetSmart next weekend, so that should be fun for him. He already knows a lot — sit, shake right paw, shake left paw, speak, lay down, go up there (stair landing), fetch, and leave it (occasionally…), but I think it will help to get some more obedience type commands down like stay and come. Hopefully the trainer can also help us with some leash training (he is a habitual leash biter).

We are also planning on getting him fixed soon, which hopefully will help with some of his hyper behavior. Our breeder suggested waiting until he was around a year old, but there’s no way that is happening. Boxers are naturally hyper so we don’t need hormones to help that.

Until then, lots of play time and bones!


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