Better than an Elvis Photo

The stairs leading down our basement are “L” shaped, meaning you go down half the stairs, reach a landing, and then go down the remaining stairs at a 90 degree angle. I’ve been wanting to put up some art  on the wall of the landing since it is one of the first things you see when you walk down the stairs. Strangely enough, the previous owners of our house had a large, 16×20 portrait of Elvis. I am not kidding you, and I really wish I had a photo to prove it! It was pretty hilarious.

Luckily we are not huge Elvis fans! I am not sure where I first found this print (Pinterest, probably, let’s be honest) but it fits in well with the kind of basement game room/bar theme we are going for.

The Very Many Varieties of Beer from Etsy seller Pop Chart Lab

I am a design nerd so I have an innate love for infographics and my husband loves beer = best of both worlds! I picked up a poster frame at Hobby Lobby (50% off, naturally) for about $20.

The frame has a kind of inset that makes it look like it is matted. I think I might play off that fact and spray paint the outer border in oil rubbed bronze to give it a little more contrast. I also need to get mounting hardware since it didn’t come with any. And then ladies and gentlemen, I will have successfully put the first piece of framed art on the walls of our house, after living here for a mere 9 months! It’s about time, eh? I’ve got a few other framing projects in the work that hopefully I will share soon. At least nothing is better than a giant Elvis photo.


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