Basement Bathroom Painted

Here’s yet another mini-before and after. This one should have just taken a few hours, but turned into a 2 day, all day, drawn out affair. Who knew painting a bathroom could be so painful? Here’s the before (on closing day, yellow hello auto white balance):

And just for fun, here is a photo from the MLS listing. I thought it was entertaining how much crap they tried to fit into this bathroom.

It wasn’t pretty. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas we were hosting several gatherings at our house so it needed to be painted. Yes, needed. There were watermarks on the ceiling from some novice plumbing that needed to be covered up. Ugh, let’s talk about how much I hate painting ceilings. It is the worst. First I used some Kilz primer for the water stains and then covered with 2 coats of white (on the whole ceiling of course, you can’t just paint one spot, it doesn’t work like that). Next up was the walls. Do you SEE how many nooks and crannies I had to paint around? I did 2 coats and barely made a dent in the gallon of paint but it took FOREVER. I also recaulked where the crown molding met the ceiling since there were gaps in a few places and repainted most of the trim. Who knew painting a bathroom could be so painful. I am too lazy to look up the color, sorry. There’s a million blues like this one in any paint deck, trust me.

Here is the after. I will probably end up getting some new towels and maybe a small piece of bath furniture, but that’s it. I don’t really want to invest any more time in this bathroom. It looks decent and is functional. That’s enough for me.


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