2011 in Review

2011 was a great year! Here’s the rundown of what went down.

January started off with a Snowpocalypse, shutting down Atlanta for several days.

David and I started our mortgage application and house hunting in late January.

On my birthday, we put in our 1st offer on the house we eventually ended up purchasing. Here’s me on my 27th birthday.

In April, we went out to a few Braves games and packed and prepared to move.

In May, we finally closed on our house!

June, July, and August were mainly a blur because I was playing ultimate almost every day. I did make a work trip and saw Seattle for the first time.

I also saw my brother in law get married.

We finally finished up the guest bathroom “remodel”.

September began the next project, the laundry room.

In October I rented a 10-24mm lens for our trip to NYC.

In November (well it was actually very late October) we brought our pup, Gauss, into our family.

And finally in December, I got around to posting photos of the finished laundry room.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot in there, but those are the highlights! We will see what 2012 will be like.


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