More from NYC touristy attractions

Peeking through the construction fence from the World Financial Center. The new WTC tower is being built (to the left) and the WTC Memorial waterfalls are right behind the trees in the middle of the photo. I really liked how the framing turned out on this one considering it was kind of a drive by photo. Taken @ 10mm, f/3.5 1/1600 ISO 200.

Looking towards the Empire State building from Rockefeller Center. I had to do a little bit of post processing work on this photo since it was a little hazy that afternoon. Taken @ 15mm, f/4.2 1/2500 ISO 200.

Grand Central Terminal, which I dragged my husband to *solely* for the photo op. When you walk inside and down the stairwell there is almost a line at the top of the landing of people with their cameras to get this angle. I waited patiently and set my camera on the handrail for a long exposure since I wasn’t carrying my tripod around New York. Taken @ 10mm, f/20 1.3 seconds ISO 800 (in hindsight I could have dropped my ISO for a longer exposure, but honestly I forgot). Here is the color version of the same photo. Bonus points if you can spot my husband in the photo πŸ™‚

That wraps it up for some of my favorite NYC shots. In a few weeks I am heading to the USA Ultimate Club Championships in Sarasota so that is probably the next time you’ll hear from me!


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