Laundry Room Details: Paint and Flooring

The 1st step of the laundry room makeover was replacing the flooring. I am by NO means a DIY expert, so this is just what I did. That being said, I am sure there is a better/faster/easier way to do everything, but so far this has worked for me.

The existing flooring was your regular 90’s vinyl sheet flooring. It was orange stained in a few places, and ripping in a few other places. It had to go! I dug into the floor with my box cutter and went to town. There was not a lot of adhesive on the back of the floor, so it was really easy to rip up. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I kept the baseboard shoe moulding in place and just tore up the floor around it.

I vacuumed up any dust and debris that was left over after all of the floor was gone and then drew a line through the middle of the floor in both directions, making a cross in the middle of the room. I wanted to set the tiles at a diagonal, so that was the easiest way I could think of to make sure I was square when I started.

Home Depot had a pretty crappy selection of vinyl tile, and I wasn’t about to pay $3 a square foot for “luxury” vinyl tile. I wanted something not cheap looking, but still cheap! This is the tile I picked, which came in at 99 cents per square foot from Lowe’s. The laundry room measures about 45 square feet, so I picked up 2 boxes (30 sq. ft. each) so I would have some extras in case I messed up (especially since I was laying out the tile diagonally).

I started in the middle of the room and worked my way outwards…

Around the edges was THE WORST. Again, my fault, I wanted the diagonal layout. I found some videos on YouTube that greatly helped me figure out how to make the appropriate cuts, but it still wasn’t perfect. I would get it close, try to get it to fit, and slice of a tiny bit more with my box cutter. Over and over and over again. Moral of the story is that you really only need to get it somewhat close if you are going to caulk between the baseboard and flooring anyway.

Next up, was paint. I had painted the ceiling a few weeks before (yes, even the ceiling was beige), so I went to work 1st cutting in around the ceiling, door, and baseboards. I used my new favorite paintbrush that is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush, 2-Inch

The color I chose was Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Gray, color matched to Valspar paint. It definitely has more blue undertones than I thought it would have, but I like it! I think it is definitely one of those paint colors that would look completely different in natural light. I was really pleased how well it worked in with the floor colors.

The final step of the floor transformation was caulking around the baseboards. I had never caulked before, so I bought the Pro Caulk kit at Target on a whim. It’s the one with the commercial on TV where the guy gets gunk all over his hands. I’m sure you’ve seen it. I carefully watched the infomercial again, and went for it. I started in the back corner of the laundry room, so that if I made any mistakes it wouldn’t be an issue since it would be covered up by the washer and dryer. I think by the time I got to the front of the room I was feeling pretty good about my caulking abilities!

Next up is figuring out how to hang the other cabinet on the wall — it weighs about a million pounds and it has to line up EXACTLY with the other cabinet since I’ll be building an open shelf bridge between them. Yikes!


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