Laundry Room Update

Remember a long, long time ago when I showed you this photo?

I was on the hunt for the perfect rug to cover the gross vinyl floor.


After a few failed attempts from HomeGoods, I found the perfect one at Pottery Barn. Problem was that it was backordered until the end of July! Confident in my decision for the rug, I placed the order in mid-May, and got the rug as promised after a 3 month (patient) wait.

Now I could finally start on the laundry room makeover — my inspiration piece had arrived! Well, I guess all of that time on backorder gave me a LOT of time to think. And I thought about replacing the floor completely. So I did! (more details on that in a later post…)

And I love it! But now I have a problem. My “inspiration piece”? My beloved Pottery Barn rug that I waited 3 months for? Doesn’t look so hot in there now.

The warm beige color of the rug now just looks dirty next to the crisp white trim. So the rug is out. I think. I have been running around the house since this realization, desperately trying to find a new home for this rug. The size is a problem. It’s a Goldilocks and the 3 Bears issue. The rug is a 3×5, which is the perfect size for a laundry room, and an imperfect size for anywhere else in my house. I have 1 last place I may attempt to work it in, but if that fails, I’m not sure what I will do. Stay tuned.

For the rest of the laundry room, there is still a lot of progress to be made. I’m just happy that one more room in the house is NOT BEIGE.


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