Guest Bathroom After

You’ll have to use your imagination for the “Before”. Look, taking photos in a tiny half bathroom with no natural light is HARD! I’ll help you out — the walls and ceiling were beige, some fixtures were gold, some fixtures were nickel, and there was a cabinet over the toilet that looked like it could have fallen off the wall at any minute.

So here’s what we did:

  • Painted the ceiling, walls, and trim
  • Replaced the light fixture (this fixture from, $68)
  • Replaced the mirror (HomeGoods, $25)
  • Replaced the faucet (this one from, $60)
  • Replaced the tank lever (this one from Amazon, $15)
  • Removed the old cabinet over the toilet to re-purpose in the laundry room and put up a new cabinet (HomeGoods, $70)
  • Replaced the door handle with oil-rubbed bronze lever, and spray painted the existing door stopper with ORB spray paint
  • Accessories are from Target (basket, reed diffuser, soap pump) and HomeGoods (towel bar, TP bar, towels)
  • Framed photo by yours truly (printed by MPix, frame and mat from Hobby Lobby)
So I didn’t keep up with prices and what not that well, but the satisfaction of finishing the first room in the house = PRICELESS!

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