Days 166-169 of 365: Dining Room “After”

Before we get to the before/after, just a note to all 4 of my loyal readers that I will not be updating my blog as often throughout the summer. Life and after-work activities are a little too crazy right now and I’d rather not take photos of random crap at 10:30pm when I get home just for the sake of blogging. Quality over quantity, right?

On to the “reveal”! Umm, I don’t know the paint color but I can grab the formula off the can lid if you’re really nosy. Here’s closing day:

And today (sorry for the bad lighting — typical evening thunderstorm):

There are a couple of spots that need touching up, but it essentially done until we decide to furnish it. Progress is slow around the rest of the house, but that’s to be expected, right?


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